Dysmenorrhea is the most common gynecological problem among females and it is defined as cramping pain in the lower abdomen occurring just before or during menstruation.The effect and importance of dysmenorrhea is very wide, therefore managing the problem is important. Treatment for dysmenorrhea is aimed at relieving symptoms and is best treated with analgesics that are prostaglandin inhibitors.

Types of Dysmenorrhea:

There are two types of dysmenorrheal such as primary and secondary. When primary dysmenorrhea is common menstrual cramps, Secondary dysmenorrhea is pain that is caused by a disorder in the womanโ€™s reproductive organs, such as endometriosis, adenomyosis,uterine fibroids,or infection.

What are the symptoms of dysmenorrhea?

Aching pain in the abdomen
Feeling of pressure in the abdomen
Pain in the hips, lower back, and inner thighs

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