Tendency of Abortion is non-induced embryonic or fetal death or passage of products of conception before 20 weeks gestation. This is also termed as spontaneous abortion or miscarriage. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines it as expulsion or extraction of an embryo or fetus weighing 500 g or less.

Signs and symptoms of Tendency of Abortion:

Vaginal bleeding: The most common symptom of Tendency of abortion is vaginal bleeding with a history of delayed periods. This can vary from light spotting or brownish discharge to heavy bleeding and bright-red blood or clots. The bleeding may come and go over several days.
Cramps in lower abdomen and pelvic pain
Expulsion of tissue in incomplete or complete abortions.
Vaginal discharge, pain and fever in case of septic abortions.

Cause of Tendency of Abortion:

Hormonal problems like poly cystic ovary syndrome, luteal phase defects
Maternal infections such as sexually transmitted infections, torch infections
Maternal health problems
Autoimmune disorders
Uterine abnormalities
Problems of placenta
Incompetent cervix

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