Aishwarya Homeo Clinic is the most advanced homeopathic clinic in bhubaneswar. We provide the most developed and latest mode of homeopathic treatment to patients. There are many chronic and complicated health disorders like women and gynecological conditions, skin and hair loss, lifestyle diseases, and other age-related pain in the different body parts which have no curative treatment in the conventional form of treatment, but modern homeopathic treatment can be a great help. We mix up both classical and clinical forms of homeopathy.


Why choose us?

We strongly believe that whoever comes to us is coming with a hope to us that if homeopathy is to help them, then Aishwarya Homeo Clinic is the right place whom they can rely on, and therefore, we make everything that we can do ensuring that trust never goes away. 


We feel that the best possible cure could be a rapid, delicate, and cent-percent restoration of bodily health, removal of symptoms, and complete eradication of the disease. But there is always an option where you can be treated within a definite period of time, most reliable and harmless way having no side-effect in organized and via easily understandable procedures. We relentlessly strive to challenge the age-old conviction that homeopathy reacts slows and takes a lot of time. Call the best homeopathic clinic in Bhubaneswar @081443 71193


Our Services

We have a team of highly qualified and certified homeopathic doctors who are specialized and highly experienced in dealing with such health issues that treatments we provide today. They are pro in their respective field of treatments. The treatments we provide for the health issues currently include:

  • Women and Gynecological Disorders
  • Skin Disorders
  • Hair loss treatments
  • Lifestyle Diseases
  • Old-age Joint pain problems
  • Diet related Disorders

At present, we are offering services in total of 16 specializations and they are not just effective but also given a great deal of relief to the patients concerned. We make use of homeopathic procedures that are highly reliable and have a contemporary approach and free from side-effect. 

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